Win Money Playing Poker: Become a Professional Poker Player to Earn Living

People say they love gambling just for getting the pleasure and rush of adrenaline that only poker can provide them with. This may be true, to some extent, though. Winning money is not a less important factor. A sensible player that always loses his money will hardly keep on playing just for fun neglecting all the losses. Those players who admit they play poker first and foremost to make the dollar bills will be more honest. And there’s nothing wrong if you want to be a successful player and earn your living by gambling.

win money poker

How You Can Win Money by Playing Online Poker

If you wonder “Can I win prizes or win money playing poker” the answer is a bold Yes! However, things are not so easy as it seems. The most credible way of earning your living with poker is to play low stakes cash games. Yet you should play at least NL25 or NL10. Besides, you need a tight and aggressive strategy and be very cautious when choosing the table. Other important aspects to consider are:

  • the bankroll;
  • the right strategy;
  • table selection;
  • being hard working;
  • being disciplined;
  • tilt control.

This was a brief introductory guide. Now let’s pass on to every point of an accurate gameplan to adhere to and play poker for free and win money.

Play Low Stakes Cash Games

The first rule of playing poker online and turning it onto a consistent profit is choosing low stake cash games where you can get a buyin at as little as $2. Start as low as this and you can gradually increase the stakes.

Play Either NL25 or NL10

Once practiced in low stake games, pass to at least NL10 or preferably NL25 games. In NL10 is the 5c/10c blinds cash game where the maximal buyin is $10. To make a $1000 profit a month, you must win 100 buyins. Playing heavy volume at these stakes makes this quite possible. Anyway, if you can make more than one win in an NL25 poker constantly during a month, the same $1000 will appear on your account in just winning 40 buyins.

Stick to an Aggressive Strategy

Playing TAG means playing tight and aggressive. This is the core of every poker strategy. It refers to both playing at low and high stakes. Playing TAG implies:

  • being selective about the hands to play;
  • paying close attention to the position when playing the hands;
  • playing whatever hand you have very aggressively after the flop.

If you aim to win big in poker, you should plan every step beforehand, just like in chess.

Play Tournaments/Sit and Gos

To win cash you don’t have to stick only to win money playing poker in ordinary online games. Taking part in MTTs or SNGs is far a better idea. If you choose to, you’d better start with at least $5 games and not forget about the TAG strategy.

Winning Cash Online with Three Card Poker

If you can’t wait to win money, 3 card poker variation is the ideal variant for you. This relatively new and exciting game offers more ways to bet, and hence, more ways to win. Similar to stud poker, this game implies making ante bets and creating the highest hand at the poker table. To play poker win real money, you should first learn the three card poker rules which are quite straightforward:

  • make a wager;
  • wager an ante or pair plus bet;
  • watch your cards;
  • play through ante bets;
  • watch the dealer turn over their cards;
  • compare the hands.

Once you’ve learned the game rules, try playing the game at 888Poker, GGPoker, PokerStars, Unibet, PartyPoker. Play the demo version first to get some experience and only then try to make real deposits and win cash!

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