How to play craps: bets

In real money craps, players place a bet on the outcome of a roll of two dice. Two 6-sided dice must pass the first bet of the Pass Line and hit the back of the craps table. The goal of a Pass Line bet is to land on “7” or “11”, but not to land on “2”, “3” or “12”. If any of these circumstances occurs, the bet continues. Any other drop-down number (4-6 or 8-10) sets the “point”, that is, the number that you will aim to hit again. Thus, if you have a 3-3, 4-2 or 5-1 combination on a Pass Line bet, the “point” will be set to “6” and you will need to roll that number again before a “7” is rolled. Since “7” is obtained through combinations of 1-6, 2-5, 3-4, 4-3, 5-2 or 6-1, seven is more likely to be rolled than “6”, thus providing a house edge …

Pass and Come bets

For fun, you can also try more daring bets when you play for fun or for free on Facebook; but when playing for real money, never place any other bets other than pass, come, and odds. The base rate in craps is called “pass” or “pass line”. It offers a 1.41% casino edge, making it the second best pick you can count on for this game. If you only place this bet (and its associated Pass Line Odds bet), you will be doing well. The Come bet is similar to the Pass bet, but it is placed after the “point” number has been set.

Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets

If on the first throw you place a bet opposite to the Pass Line, then you bet on “Dont Pass”. If you bet against a Come bet, you are betting “Dont Come”. In any case, the house edge at these rates is 1.35%.How is Craps played?Odds side bets
When the “point” number is determined, players have the right to increase the payout if the specified number falls out before seven. Odds is a type of side bet when playing real money craps. Readers of this site are aware that most casino side bets offer odds worse than basic bets. But extra bets in craps work just the opposite. This bet implies zero house edge, making it one of the few fair casino bets. Since the casino is unable to make money on this bet, most gambling houses limit the amounts you can wager additionally (and they usually do not count towards the total bonus amount).

The standard payout is 3: 1 for a Pass line bet when a 4 or 10 hits; 4: 1 for the Pass bet on hits on 5 and 9; and 5: 1 for the Pass bet when 6 and 8. It is believed that these numbers are offered to make it easier for dealers to calculate the payouts, since each of them pays the original bet 6 times when the player wins. These rules vary from one casino to another. If you see odds of 5: 1, you will be able to raise your starting bid by 5 times. If you see Odds rates of 10: 1, it means that you can raise the Pass rate by 10 times.

Craps players should place odds side bets as they reduce the overall house edge for your initial bet. If you place additional bets on the Pass line bet, this reduces the house edge to around 1%. Since craps does not require skill to optimize expected returns, it is considered the best skill-free game in the casino, that is, with the exception of games such as poker, video poker and blackjack.

Other real money craps bets

I will give a brief overview of other craps bets, but I want to emphasize that real money players should not place any other bets other than the ones mentioned above. All of the betting opportunities below offer the worst odds of winning. Some bets have much lower chances of winning, and sometimes they are deliberately failed.

Place bets

Place bets are placed on a certain number being drawn before 7. Place bets on 6 and 8 imply a 1.52% house edge. Place bets on 5 and 9 imply a 4.00% house edge. Place bets on 4 and 10 imply a 1.52% house edge. Place Lose bets are also available.

Big 6 / Big 8

Big 6 and Big 8 bets are similar to Place 6 and Place 8, with the only difference that the payouts are smaller. Therefore, they are characterized by a high house edge – 9.09%, which makes these bets really fail.

Lay bets

Players can place Lay bets, which are similar to Odds bets. One of the main differences is the need to pay a 5% commission at these rates, which is often non-refundable. Therefore, in these bets, the advantage is on the side of the casino. The house edge in such bets ranges from 2.44% to 4.00%.

Hardway Betting

The “hard way” bet is made on the fact that the shooter will throw a double. Therefore, it is not enough to just roll “8” – you need a pair “4”. You can’t just roll a “6”, you need to roll two “3”. If the throw is “2” and “4”, then you still lose. Hardway implies terrible odds (from 9.09% to 11.11%), so whoever makes such a bet in a casino is a loser.

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